Dan Liew

Email daniel.liew_ZZ@imperial.ac.uk (remove the _ZZ)
GitHub delcypher
Twitter @dan_liew
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Imperial College London
Department of Computing
South Kensington Campus
London SW7 2AZ
United Kingdom


Here are a list of projects I have contributed to

  • Boogie - A framework for static verification
  • GPUVerify - A static analysis tool for proving race, barrier divergence and assertion failure freedom of OpenCL and CUDA kernels
  • Halide - A domain specific language and compiler for image processing
  • iscp - A small bash script the automates downloading files from a server using ssh and rsync
  • KLEE - A symbolic virtual machine built on top of LLVM
  • KLEE-SMTLIB - A fork of KLEE that supports using SMTLIBv2 solvers
  • LLVM - The awesome compiler framework
  • obs-build - Scripts for running local builds of packages on the openSUSE build service
  • NSolv - A front end for tools that use SMTLIBv2 solvers that can be used to launch multiple solvers in parallel
  • SIMI-Qt - A GUI application (using Qt toolkit) for performing image segmentation on medical MRI images
  • STP - An SMT solver over the theory of arrays of bitvectors
  • Symbooglix - A symbolic execution engine for Boogie programs
  • unrarall - A small bash script to extract multiple rar files and clean up unwanted files from extraction
  • Whole program LLVM - A nitfy hack for getting the LLVM bitcode for programs
  • Z3 - A SMT solver from Microsoft Research